Five things I have learnt from working at home

It sounds brilliant at first, working in your own house, but it does have its drawbacks. Don’t get me wrong, working in your dressing gown when it’s freezing can be brilliant – and slippers at your desk? Bliss. But there are just a few negatives to contend with:

  1. Motivation:

You need killer motivation to work from home – there are just so many other things you could be doing. A house full of things, distractions that you just don’t have in an office. Not to mention that when you don’t have ‘set’ office hours there’s no specific time you have to get up, it can be very tempting when cold to stay in bed until ten or eleven (or maybe even 1pm, I’m not judging.)

2. Household Jobs:

It can be difficult to separate home from work life if you’re at home. For yourself and the people you live with – “you’ve been at home all day, why couldn’t you do it?” May or may not be a common refrain in my house. It’s hard to switch off yourself as well, and ignore the pile or ironing or the dishes that haven’t been washed. But it’s vital to keep that home/work life balance, even if your home is your office

3. Lack of human contact:

I spend entire days sat alone in the house, the only contact I get with the outside world is via email and the occasional salesperson. What it means in real terms is an increase in conversations with the cat, the laptop and basically any inanimate object you come into contact with. Usually the inanimate objects are more responsive.

4. Non-Work related Distractions:

Salespeople at the door, electric meter readings, the postie, all things you wouldn’t have to deal with at work.

Though it does help with point 3.

5. Tea Making

This is possibly the worst bit about working from home, in an office you generally share out the tea making duties, “oh, it’s my turn this time.” In fact in my old (very horrible) job we used to fight over tea making to get a break. My cats never offer to make me a brew. They’re rude like that.

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Leaping Bunny – Why some companies don’t get leaping bunny certified

Have you heard about mookychick? They’re a weekly Indie magazine for alternative females – featuring alternative style, health, relationship, and careers advice, music and general alternative culture. On their website you can find everything from social activism to how-to guides on how to write spells!

I’ve written an article for them giving an overview about the Leaping Bunny certification.


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